Who Pays For Upgraded Shipping On Poshmark?

Poshmark is a well-known marketing and shipping platform among the general people. You don’t have to pay extra money for Poshmark shipping if the product remains below 5 pounds. But what if the product weight exceeds five pounds? Who pays for upgraded shipping on Poshmark?

The seller always pays for upgraded shipping on Poshmark if the products exceed the weight limit. It starts at $4.50 when the product weight is 6 pounds. Poshmark will allow up to 10 pounds of a single product to ship and cost $22.50. But the flat rate below 5 pounds is always $7.11.

Some people say Poshmark shipping & label printing is expensive. That’s not entirely true if you don’t buy items worth a few dollars.

Who Pays For The Shipping?

The seller has to pay for the upgraded shipping. Typically, Poshmark has a flat rate for all the products that weigh below 5 pounds. But when the seller’s product weighs more than 5 pounds, they have to pay for the extra weight.

As a seller, you also need to upgrade the shipping label by giving the exact weight of your sold product. Go to the official app or their website and enter your account as a seller. Then select the shipping label and then click on “need heavier weight label.”

Your new label will arrive in the mail soon, and the extra price will be deducted from your account.

How Much Does The Shipping Cost?

If you are a seller at Poshmark, you must know about all the details of shipping pricing. The flat rate for shipping a package under 5 pounds is $7.45, which the buyer will pay. So as a seller, your shipping charge is zero.

If the container weighs about 6 pounds, you have to pay an additional $4.50. For a package of 7 pounds, your payment is $9. And for the weight of 8, 9, and 10 pounds, the additional charge will be $13.50, $18, and $22.50, respectively.

If your package weight exceeds 10 pounds, you can’t deliver it to the customer through Poshmark shipping.

What If You Don’t Pay The Extra Shipping Charge?

This thought may come to your mind – what will happen if you don’t pay for the extra weight?

Well, in the post office, they will measure the weight and check if the label is correct or not. The shipping authority will eventually deduce the additional charge for the extra weight from your account when the customer receives the product.

Cheating Is Not An Option At Poshmark

You may think of splitting the products into different boxes to avoid the extra charges.

Since the sold product already has a label, you can’t print or attach the same label on two different boxes. If if you do so, the shipping authority will return your product to you!

Bottom Line

If you want to enjoy the hassle-free shipping service on Poshmark, keep your product weight under 5 pounds, especially for small items.

As you now know who pays for upgraded shipping on Poshmark, you can easily optimize your packages. Hope you have a pleasant experience selling products through Poshmark!

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