What Is a Legal Size Envelope?

If you have a fair amount of interaction with printing letters to be mailed and the Post Office, you must already know that there are various sizes of envelopes available out there.

It still must be pretty difficult to keep track of each and every size and type of envelope, right? Some envelopes are often used, like the #10, while others are not used as commonly and only for specific purposes.

Printing legal-size envelopes fall in that category, and today, we’re going to take a brief look at this particular envelope.

Different Types of Envelope

There are hundreds of different envelopes out there, and when we say hundreds, we mean it! For easy access, there are Envelope size guides and Envelope type guides on the Internet, which will help you know and learn more about these diverse envelopes.

There are just too many types of envelopes, and we could go on and on about them for hours! So instead, let’s take a brief look at the most commonly used ones.

  • Square-Flap Envelopes:  These envelopes come with a stylish square-flap texture on the back and are available in 11 different sizes along with a wide variety of colors. These are generally used for RSVP cards and official postcards.
  • Contour-Flap Envelopes: This type of envelope is the more commonly-used envelope, and they have an elegant-looking design in the form of a triangle but with the vertex turned into a curve.

Also used for official postcards as well as birthday cards, they’re available in a good range of sizes and colors like the square-flap ones.

  • Regular Envelopes: The regular envelope has the old, classic design of envelopes with a simple flap on the back. It’s mainly used for business purposes; the #10 envelope size and the regular envelope style are a classic combination!

These also come with a much wider range of sizes and colors than the two envelopes above.

  • Document Envelopes: As the name suggests, document envelopes are the best ones to hold and carry important documents that shouldn’t be creased or damaged.

These envelopes are available in much larger sizes than the others, but the range of these sizes and colors is small.

The aforementioned types of envelopes are the most important ones to know about.

Other than these, there are other types of envelopes like Window envelopes, Square envelopes, Clasp envelopes, Mini envelopes, and many more!

Legal envelopes are designed for holding and securing official, important legal documents. These envelopes are dealt with care and caution because of the sensitive information that they carry.

Legal envelopes are also larger than normal envelopes that are used for greeting and invitation cards. That’s because the legal documents must be prevented from creasing and kept uniform.

That’s the reason why Square-Flap and Contour-Flap envelopes can’t work as Legal Size envelopes because they can only fit up to 6 x 9.5” sizes of paper, compared to the 8.5×14” dimensions of legal paper.

The best type of Legal envelopes are the Document envelopes and Square envelopes. The Clasp envelopes also add a classy feel to the Legal envelopes.

A standard legal envelope has a size of 8.5 inches x 14 inches, which is the same as the size of the legal paper. In millimeters, the dimensions are 216mm x 356mm.

There’s a legal-size envelope available, and it’s possible to mail without any trouble, but it’s slightly different in size from the standard legal envelopes.

A special service of the USPS is the Priority Mail ExpressTM. This service comes with a Legal Flat Rate envelope option, referred to as the Legal Size envelope in the USPS.

Legal-sized documents and other items are sent through the USPS using this service. On the contrast, the Legal Flat Rate envelope size from this service is 9-1/2 inches x 15 inches, which is a tad bit larger than 8.5 inches x 14 inches.

The USPS charges a much greater and fixed amount of money for mailing these items than the normal mailing rate.

There’s also a limit to the weight of the items being sent, but the location is not taken into account.

Legal-size Manilla envelopes are an upgrade of the standard envelopes. The Manilla envelopes are available in various sizes, greater than the standard legal size envelope, and thus, can hold more sheets if necessary.

They come in 9×12”, 10×13”, 10×15”, and other larger dimensions. Some Manilla envelopes also weigh greater than the normal envelopes.

Unlike the normal legal size envelopes, the flaps of the Manilla envelopes don’t come with gum attached.

Legal-size Manilla envelopes are used mostly for storing and classifying essential documents.

Does the post office have legal-size envelopes?

Yes, the post office does have legal size envelopes.

The mailing service Priority Mail ExpressTM of the USPS deals with the shipping and receiving legal-size mails and documents.

This service provides an envelope with the dimensions of 9-1/2 inches x 15 inches. This option is also known as the Legal Flat Rate envelope and is widely used for mailing legal-size items.

USPS has a fixed cost for sending legal-size envelopes through mails, which is much higher than the usual rate and doesn’t take into account where it’s being sent.

Moreover, the legal size items are also not allowed to cross a threshold weight of 70 pounds.

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