Top 10 School Safety Tips

We all want our kids to be safe while they’re away at school. But, is it possible for us to be there and safeguard them all the time?

Just like you, we also suffer from the tension and stress, pegging at the back of our heads, regarding the safety of our children.

Schools have tried to make it better with better security and regulations. However, it’s our duty to give our children further advices to ensure their safety.

You can provide endless guidance to your children, which can vary depending on the location of the school. But, there are a few key regulations your kids must follow to stay away from any harm.

We note down the top 10 school safety tips we think will safeguard your children to the maximum. 

  1. Common Route

Both you and your kids should you use only one common route to and from the school. You should make sure that is the only route which will be followed.

You should strongly advise them not to take any kind of shortcuts that they don’t know by heart or take any road away from the main city.

2. Phone Numbers and Addresses

It would help if you made your kids memorize the important phone numbers so that they can reach out to you as quickly as possible in times of need. They should also know the addresses properly and correctly, which can be vital in times of need.

If they can’t easily memorize the numbers and addresses, you should write it down for them in a notebook that they can easily access.

3. Ignoring Strangers

There are various types of people around schools, and you can never tell their motive. Unfortunately, some of these people can be roaming around with ill-intentions, which can be dangerous for your kids.

Your kids shouldn’t talk to anyone they don’t know or never saw before. They shouldn’t also take things from such strangers if offered, such as chocolates and sweets.

4. Moving in Groups

Kids are usually much safer when moving in large groups rather than alone. It would be best if you encouraged your kids to make many friends and hang out with lots of people.

This can keep harmful people, such as random strangers and bullies, away from them.

5. Road Safety

It’s very important that your kids know the various safety signs in the roads and implement them.

You should set an example by following the rules and regulations yourself and teaching them in the process.

They should have a basic idea about the road signs, such as the “STOP” signs, the traffic lights, and more, so that they can walk in the road with better safety.

6. School Rules

All schools have a different set of rules, and these are focused on ensuring the safety of the students, such as the prevention from entering a certain area (because it’s hazardous) or from running in a particular place (because it’s slippery).

Your children should abide by the school rules properly and correctly.

7. Avoiding Fights

We’ve all gotten into fights when we were back in school. And, while it’s pretty normal for your kids to get in rows sometimes, you should strongly advise them to stay gentle and look for solutions, or to walk away.

Most children hurt themselves getting into these squabbles over petty reasons. So they shouldn’t ignite any fights and stay away from these as much as possible.

Furthermore, bullies will willingly want to tangle your kids into unnecessary rows. Therefore, you should urge your kids to refrain from bullying others and report to any teacher if anyone’s trying to bully them.

8. Playground Safety

A key place where children hurt themselves the most is the playground.

Let’s face it. It’s difficult to be extra careful while playing “Touch and Run” with your friends. But, nevertheless, you should advise your kids to play and ride safely and be aware of their surroundings as much as possible to avoid clashes.

The kids shouldn’t play games and sports which are rough in nature, such as rugby or boxing, since they can easily hurt themselves.

9. Light Backpacks

This is an essential factor that most parents, as well as teachers, ignore.

The backpacks your children carry shouldn’t be more than 10% of their weight.

Backpacks that are too heavy can cause severe backpain and strain in the arms and shoulders. These heavy backpacks also weaken the backbone and make it prone to breaking in the long run.

If you can’t do anything about the weight of the backpacks, you should get them bags with trolleys attached or contact the school authority, as this is a very serious matter.

10. First Aid

Even if the kids are extra safe, accidents still happen. In those cases, you want your children to be responsive and treat themselves to prevent further harm.

It’s necessary for your kids to know the basic first aid, so that if they somehow hurt themselves, say by a paper cut, or the sharp edge of a sharpener, they can take immediate measures and heal themselves.

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