Silhouette Printer vs. Cricut

As a DIY crafter, you should always use a better die-cutting machine to cut your necessary crafting materials. Silhouette printer and Cricut are the most famous brands that provide such machines.

Cricut is way ahead of the silhouette printer in machine design, ease of use, and user interface. But silhouette printer is the winner in terms of software experience and cutting quality. You can also use the silhouette printer offline, while Cricut needs a net connection whenever you want to work.

The differences between them are divided into some other specific areas. So, in silhouette printer vs. Cricut, which one will be the winner? And which one will be of your choice?

Silhouette Printer vs. Cricut

The Silhouette Printer: An Overview

A Silhouette printer is one of the top choices of craft users for its extreme cutting power and vinyl cutting ability.

This redesigned tool offers you fast and accurate cutting every single time. It also provides a sleek touch interface while operating the machine.

You won’t have to straddle any longer to cut the more challenging and thicker materials when you have a silhouette printer. That’s because of its 3 times extra cutting speed and 20 times cutting force compared to other models.

It even has a dual carriage that is driven by gears. That makes it easier to use compared to commercial-grade printers.


  • Accurate cutting during operation
  • Cutting time is fast
  • Integrated cross cutter
  • Built-in vinyl roll feeder
  • Invisible sleek touch interface after turning off
  • Dual carriage gear
  • Price is reasonable according to its features
  • Supports offline activity


  • New features can be installed in the old model through software upgrades
  • No free import of SVGs
  • It doesn’t support iOS

The Cricut Machine: An Overview

The Cricut maker is well-known for its technological advancement in machinery. And this has been proved with their adaptive tool system.

A Circuit uses several custom tools like the rotary blade, wavy blade, knife blade, perforation blade, single scoring wheels, and double scoring wheels.

The software is called design space which has an impressive and user-friendly interface. You can design and edit the cut patterns easily in the design space. If the design is too complicated, you can also create plans in illustrator and import them to the design space.

It has iOS support and built-in Bluetooth so that you can connect it with both android and apple devices. The variations in blades can cut through the fabric and other crafts with pleasure.


  • It comes with powerful tools to open and cut the craft
  • 2 times fast mode allows cutting vinyl and papers
  • Supports iOS and android
  • No need to cut on fabric patterns by hand
  • Automatic sewing cuts the craft
  • Functioning is pretty easy
  • Free SVGs


  • Relatively costlier than other brands
  • It doesn’t support offline activity

A Short Comparison Table

Let’s have a glance at the comparisons between silhouette printer and Cricut. Although most key points are highlighted on the table, we urge you to go through eh rest of the article for a better understanding.

TopicsSilhouette PrinterCricut
SoftwareSilhouette studioDesign space
Offline activitySupports offline activityDoesn’t support offline activity
Onboard StorageSupports onboard storage on top and bottom to store toolsDoesn’t have such storage option
Cutting speed2 times fast mode3 times fast mode
iOS supportDoesn’t support iOSCan support apple devices because of iOS support
SVGs supportSVGs is absentHas free SVGs
Cutting force5000GF at maximum4000 GF at maximum
Cutting size12 × 120 inches12 × 24 inches
Cut thickness3 mm2.4 mm
Auto bladePresentAbsent
Cross cutterPresentAbsent

Silhouette Printer Vs. Cricut: Comparisons

Both craft machines are famous among the crafters. But there are some sectors where user preferences get separated. So, let’s have a look at those sectors:

Software Experience

It’s one of the major sectors in comparison because you have to spend most of your time in software to declare the cut.

The Silhouette printer is the clear winner here because it supports offline activity. Cricut’s software is mainly web-based. So, you will always need an active internet connection to run it. On the other hand, silhouette studio can be used even while you are offline.

Machine Design

The Cricut has a more consistent design than the silhouette printer. They put much effort into machine manufacturing so that the machines would be easier to use.

On the other hand, the silhouette printer changes its machine designs with every new model. Sometimes they add features and periodically remove one or two of them.

Quality Of Cutting

The cutting quality is pretty good for both of them.

But as you have to pick one, we would say to pick the silhouette printer because it’s better at faster cutting. It also provides special custom blades to ensure premium craft cutting quality.

Cutting Materials

Both machines can cut a lot of materials like vinyl sheets, thin leather, cardstock, and more on the list.

However, the Cricut has 10 times more cutting speed than the silhouette printer. That’s why it can cut more materials and fabric items than the other one.

User Interface

The Cricut has a better user interface than the Silhouette Printer. That’s because extra features and iOS support create a more usable interface on the Cricut.

On the other hand, the silhouette printer is user-friendly for beginners but not for the experts. Design space software can’t get into the deep designs if you want complex design cuts.

Ease Of Use

Despite extra features, the Cricut is easier to set up and use compared to the silhouette printer. You will need more time to set up the silhouette printer, and the design accessibility is a bit complex.

Storage Capacity

In this category, the silhouette printer is way ahead of the Cricut. That’s because it provides onboard storage at the top and bottom sides of the machine. This storage space is used to keep all the tools like your extra blades, markers, and other accessories.

You won’t have much storage capacity if you get a Cricut machine.

Price Range

Since the silhouette printer offers you more features than the Cricut, it’s a bit expensive. But the Cricut also doesn’t come cheaper. It is more potent than a silhouette printer and offers more options in designs to you. However, the price difference is negligible.

According to our perspective, extra spending on the silhouette printer is worth every penny.

Silhouette Printer Vs. Cricut: Which One Is Better?

So, the big question – which one should you pick? But first, ask yourself what type of function you want from a craft machine.

For example, if you’re going to create a custom design on your crafts, you may go for the silhouette printer. But if pre-designed cuts are preferable to you, then you can use the Cricut maker.

The silhouette printer is always user-friendly for beginners. But if you have a strong internet connection and are an Apple user, you should buy the Cricut Maker for your craftwork.

Suppose your net connection is poor, but you want more editing options. Then you can opt for the latest model of silhouette printer.

Bottom Line

Any craft machine can deliver a nice finishing touch to your DIY projects. Both silhouette printer and Cricut models are superb at craft cutting. But you can’t get both, right? Hopefully, our comparison of silhouette printer vs. Cricut has enough points to select one for yourself. Happy crafting!

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