Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Guide

As a seller, your responsibility doesn’t end after just selling the product. You need to pack the item and label it for shipping so that the buyer gets a proper delivery with decent Poshmark packaging.

The shipping label should be accurate in the first place to deliver your products correctly. And always choose the right shipping parcel (USPS priority mail). You can add branding to the packing and personalize them with some extra touches. Also, make sure the package is durable enough and not fragile.

Then you can drop the package at the nearest mailbox, post office, or other online pickup services. The buyers will be flaunted to see their favorite item on a stunning package if you follow our Poshmark label printing, shipping & packaging guide. You can even include some placards and your business card to spruce up the box.

Poshmark Shipping & Packaging Guide

How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?

Poshmark shipping is a pretty simple but effective process to sell and deliver items to customers.

When you declare a sale on Poshmark, they immediately send you a USPS priority mail with a shipping label. This label contains prepaid and pre-addressed information about the buyers or customers.

After the packaging, you can drop the product at your mailbox or a USPS collection box, and they will deliver the item for you. If the product is too large to fit in the mailbox, you need to drop it at the nearest collection office.

If there’s some mistake with the label or you want to increase the weight, you can just upgrade the label through their app and send the correction copy through the mail. So, without any hassle or buying stamps, you can quickly sell or exchange products on Poshmark.

Find The Right Shipping Parcel

When the packing is done, you need to find a proper and reliable shipping parcel because the Poshmark label supports several mail services. But first, you should know that the Express Mailboxes and the Xpress Post Boxes don’t support the USPS label because of their policies.

However, the USPS has other partners like priority regional mails, priority flat rate, and priority mails. You can use their services to deliver your products by labeling them as “USPS tag.”

The USPS tag has another advantage, and that is reusability! You can use any used shipping box to deliver new items. But don’t forget to remove the previous label, or things might get mismatched!

If you can’t remove the previous one, make sure the new label is glued over the last label. That way, the delivery man recognizes the package with enough information on the delivery address.

Branding & Personalized Packaging

Proper branding and packaging play a pivotal role in expanding your business. So, it’s imperative that you know more about these aspects of Poshmark shipping.


Your product can easily reach many customers through branding. Who remembers anything without a good name, right?

You have to spread your brand name among your customers. Start with sending your business card inside the package or sending a “thank you” on behalf of your company. It will show your regards towards the customers along with introducing your brand name.

You can also request a rating or mention the brand name on social media like #poshfind. There are also Poshmark branded cards and wrapping papers available on their website. So you can spread the branding of Poshmark along with yours.

Personalized Packaging

First impressions matter, right! So, the packaging is where nothing shouldn’t go wrong. Even the slightest mistake will create wrong impressions of your business, and the product may lose its quality.

You have to make sure that every item the customer ordered will reach them in a single piece, especially the fragile ones. That’s why it’s wise to use extra padding like bubble wraps or tissue paper to secure the package.

Everyone likes beautiful packaging no matter what they order. So, you should give extra effort to packaging to personalize it with colorful wrapping papers, ribbons, placards, stickers. And then drop the package at the nearest mailbox local post office.

Your aim should be to satisfy the customer in every step so that they can place another order from your business.

Packaging & Shipping FAQs

What Kind Of Box Can I Use To Ship Out My Order?

You can use the standard brown boxes from your house to ship out the order. It’s better to be lightweight and small in size, or else it won’t fit in the mailbox.

You can also pack in some padded envelopes if your item can fit in it. However, the USPS’s priority mailbox is another good option as a package because it’s free and available at the nearest post office.

How Do I Package My Poshmark Orders?

First, you need to put your product in a small box or envelope and place it in a bigger box. It’s better to use bubble wrap or tissue paper to wrap the small envelope or the package.

You can use air pillows or foams sheets inside the big box to ensure its stability during transit. 

Can I Print My Shipping Label On Adhesive Labels?

Yes, you can. You will need a printer and sticky paper to print the shipping labels.

But there are some problems with it. The sticky papers can get stuck inside the printer during printing. So, you have to insert a single sheet of paper at a time because of their thickness. Just make sure the sticky paper remains straight and without any wrinkles while entering the printer.

How Do I Ship My Item Once It’s Sold?

When the product is sold on Poshmark, they will email you a label regarding the product. You need to pack the product using the USPS priority box and label it. Any standard package or container is okay if you put a label on it.

Then put the box in your mailbox or deliver it to the nearest local mail office. They will ship the package according to the address.

Who Pays The Shipping On Poshmark?

The buyers pay the shipping cost. When a seller sells a product on Poshmark, they include the shipping cost with the price.

Even if the product weighs more than 5 pounds, the buyer must pay the additional shipping cost.

What Are The Shipping Rates On Poshmark?

The shipping rate on Poshmark is $7.11, which will be paid by the customer. This fee will remain precisely the same for all types of orders.

You can ship more than one item at this rate if the parcel’s weight remains under 5 pounds, and you will get a free label with it. But when the weight exceeds the limit, the buyer has to pay additional shipping costs.


The USPS shipping system makes your business easier to handle and deliver all the products to your customers in due time.

If you are a newbie at Poshmark and don’t know how to deliver products, our Poshmark shipping & packaging guide is here to rescue. So, your business happily and leave the deliveries to Poshmark!

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