How To Print Poshmark Label Without Printer

As the idea of shopping online takes over the world, everyday sellers find themselves tackling packages that need to be delivered to doorsteps. Writing the address, other important details and putting on stamps all by yourself might be a tedious job so to avoid all that hassle, you can just print yourself some Poshmark shipping labels.

However, printing comes with the trouble of requiring a printer, paper, and ink which runs out easily. So, what to do in the absence of one of these? How to print the Poshmark label without a printer?

Although the process will get a little bit more complicated, you can always seek to use printers available in internet cafes, at your workplace, school, etc.

How To Print Poshmark Label Without Printer

Can You Print On Poshmark Labels Without A Printer?

The answer is a big fat yes!                                                                                                   

As Poshmark labels need not be adhesive, they can be printed somewhere else and be later put onto boxes. When your printer malfunctions or you run out of ink and paper you can visit your local library, a friend’s house, your workplace, the shipping company, etc. to get your Poshmark labels printed out.

In fact, you will be surprised to know that printing Poshmark labels without a printer might be the brighter choice when speaking financially.

When you have your personal printer, you need to worry about maintenance costs, the price of ink, and purchasing stacks of paper. All of this might add up to a sum that is bigger than the cost of printing from a store.

How To Print Poshmark Labels Without A Printer:

When using Poshmark, after every sale you will be getting an e-mail from them which will include your shipment label. Download this label from the mail and put it in a pen drive so that you can print from a different computer.

Now decide on a place to print at. You can check out the following options:

Printing At Your Workplace

A lot of workplaces will not allow you to print your private documents but if your workplace allows this, you can try printing your Poshmark shipping label there. If you can open your personal email address at the workplace, then you can directly print the label; you can also forward the mail to your work email address or print it from a pen drive.

Printing At A Friend Or Family Member’s Place

If you know somebody that has a printer at their place – for example, a family member or friend – you can either go to their place and print the required document using their printer or forward the mail to them so that they can do it for you; you can, later on, collect the document before shipping it off to the buyer.

Printing At School

If you are a student or teacher who has access to the school printers available in the school libraries or computer labs, you can also try printing your Poshmark shipping label there. You can again try printing from your mail address or the pen drive where you stored a copy of the file.

Printing At Internet Cafés

Many places will have local internet cafés or printing places that will have computers and printers available for printing after paying a certain amount of cash per page. You can easily open your email addresses in these places and print your Poshmark shipping label; as these computers are used by many, it is best to not connect your pen drive as it might end up getting infected by a virus that can, later on, create problems in your devices.

Printing At Local Libraries

Local libraries are definitely a lifesaver, charging very little for every page you print. You can simply open your mail address there as they have no restrictions unlike workplaces or schools and print your Poshmark shipping label directly; you can also print the copy available in your pen drive.

Printing At The Shipping Place

Local USPS, FedEx, and many other shipping places will offer to print your Poshmark shipping labels; all you have to do is forward the mail that has your Poshmark shipping label at their email address and send them the money that is required for every page you print.

Once you are done printing your Poshmark shipping label you can now paste it onto your package with a piece of tape on the back or glue; do not put anything on the Poshmark shipping label’s barcode as otherwise, you will end up covering useful information that will make it hard to send your package to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Print A Shipping Label On Poshmark?

  • Go to Poshmark and from the corner of the screen, click on your profile.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears, select the My Sales option.
  • Find the items that were sold and right-click on the item you wish to ship.
  • You will be shown all the information about the product and if you look carefully, you can find the Download Shipping Label option present written at the bottom in green; click on that.
  • The Download Shipping Label dialogue box appears and you should right-click on the blue Download button.
  • The Poshmark shipping label will be downloaded as a pdf which you can now open and print.

How To Ship Orders On Poshmark?

Piece together your Priority Mail shipping boxes and safely put your product in; you can stuff in tissues papers, old newspaper pieces, or bubble wraps if the item is delicate to prevent it from moving around and breaking. Block any mouths using scotch tapes or adhesives to prevent your product from falling out. Once your package is ready, paste the shipping label on it and it is now good to go.

Can You Use Your Own Shipping On Poshmark?

Other than the Priority Mail shipping boxes, you can also use your personalized box for shipping your package. You need to make sure that the box is sturdy, properly packed, and has no old labels stuck on it to prevent confusion for the mailman. Many sellers sell their packages in customized boxes with their company name on them.

Final Word

As we have reached the end of the article, we hope you now know how to print Poshmark labels without a printer.

Printing your Poshmark shipping label is easy and can be done without your personal printer. You can visit local printing stores, houses of relatives, libraries, or any other places that have printers and have the label printed. Afterward, all you need to do is have it pasted onto your package and send it off to the shipping place.

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