How To Print Passport Size Photo In HP Printer

Passport-sized photos are essential for accomplishing several professional tasks. Need to submit a resume to apply for a job? Want to change the photos on your ID? Need photos to apply for a program?

All of this will likely require a passport-sized photo of yourself. Going to the store is a hassle. Besides that, a lot of time gets wasted. So, if you have an HP printer, you can simply get this done at home. Our little guide will help you get through this passport size photo printing process in a jiffy!

How Should Your Passport Photo Look Like Before Printing?

To get a perfect passport photo, your need to have a solid background. The photo should be taken under good lighting so that no shadow is seen. A white background is appreciated, along with good contrast settings. 

While taking the picture, you need to make sure your entire face can be seen. Look directly at the camera and remove your hair from your face. Eyes should be wide open, and you can sport a light smile or keep a neutral expression. Do not wear any hats, headphones, or sunglasses. It is best to avoid uniforms as otherwise your picture will be limited to one purpose. 

Once you have clicked the picture, you can use passport photo maker software to take it to the right size. This is 2 x 2 inch which is approximately 5 x 5 cm. 

Passport Photos Printing Process On An HP Printer

Now that your passport-sized picture is ready, the time has come to have it printed out! Follow the steps mentioned below to get your output. 

Step 1

Get yourself some glossy photo paper of the size 8.5 x 11 inches (also known as letter size) and put them on your printer’s paper tray. 

Step 2

Open your picture using your personal computer or laptop (whichever device is connected to your printer). 

Step 3

Make sure all necessary edits have been made, and click on the print option. The Print Picture dialogue box appears. Here, users are asked how they want their pictures to be printed. A list of options is given which can be used to 

Step 4

From the paper size drop-down list, choose the Letter option. Then, on your right-hand side, you will be given a bunch of size options. Scroll down until you see the Wallet options. 

To get your desired number of prints, type in a number in the spot present next to Copies of each. 

Step 5

One last time, check the Print Preview. Make sure all the settings have been changed accordingly. Remember that your photo should have a portrait orientation. 

Click the Print option to get a hard copy of your passport photo. Once it is printed out, let it dry for rest on the output tray for a while to prevent smudging. 

Some HP printers have a Photosmart Express menu where there is a Passport Photos option available. Clicking on it will immediately change the picture’s dimension accordingly. 

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