How To Print Passport Photo At Home

Need to submit a resume? Attach a passport photo. 

Need to join an institution or organization? Submit a passport photo for your identification card. 

Need to get yourself a license? Present a passport photo along with necessary documents. 

These days passport-sized photos seem to be necessary for completing every single task. However, going to a store to get the pictures taken and printed every time seems like too much of a hassle. So instead, why not use your home printer to get the job done? Wondering how to print passport photos at home

Take a few minutes to read our guide and learn all you need to know!

Select The Right Paper And Photo Size​

Firstly, you need to get your passport photo ready. Click a picture in good lighting and make sure your face is completely visible. A clear white background is necessary. Once you have clicked the picture, you can use a photo maker to get it to the right size. This is a dimension of 2 x 2 inches (51mm x 51 mm approximately).

After getting your photos ready, find yourself the right type of paper. You can use matte photo paper or glossy photo paper to get the job done. 

Types Of Photo Papers For Printing

Several types of photo papers are available that you can choose from while printing a passport photo. This should depend on how many photos you will need for your task. 

  • The smallest-sized papers are the ones that are 3.5 x 5 inches. This should be brought when you only need a small number of passport photos. Two pictures can be printed on each sheet. 
  • 6 x 4 inches photo papers are slightly bigger and thus, support a larger number of pictures. They can hold up to six passport pictures. It is usually safer to buy this rather than the 3.5 by 5 inches ones. If one picture gets damaged, you will have others available at your disposal. 
  • 7 x 5 inches photo papers support the exact same number of passport photos as the 6 x 4 inches ones. However, as the sheets are slightly bigger, you can include white frames around the pictures. 
  • A5 photo papers are slightly smaller than the offset paper you use at the office. These can fit about 8 passport photos and still leave some excess parts. 
  • You are probably already familiar with the size of A4 photo papers. These are commonly sold and easily found. You can fit about 20 passport photos in one, making them the perfect choice when in need of sending out tons of resumes. 
  • Besides A4-sized paper, another type we commonly hear about is Letter sized paper. These sheets have very little difference in length and breadth compared to A4 papers. Both fit an equal number of 20 passport photos. 
  • Lastly, we have legal-sized papers which have an equal breadth but bigger length than the letter size. They end up fitting 28 pictures, so you can get many printed out and store them for later use. 

Paper Quality

With the size chosen, let us pay a little more attention to the paper quality. Firstly, it is important to determine your choices. As we mentioned before, it is best to print photos on photo paper that have either a glossy or matte finish. Cardstock, regular printing paper, etc., should not be used. However, some countries do not accept passport photos with matte finish either. So, before printing, make sure you are completely aware of what types are suitable. 

Step-By-Step Guide On Printing Passport Photos At Home

Hopefully, all the information we have provided you with has helped you choose the necessary items. Now, let us focus on the printing process. As some of your might be using a Windows PC while others a Mac, we will separately dictate the processes. 

Printing Passport Photo On Windows PC

Step 1

Find the location of the passport photo that you saved after proper editing. Right-click on it and choose the Print option available on the drop-down menu. 

Step 2

A Print Picture dialogue box must have appeared on your screen. You will be presented with lots of options which you can alter. 

Set the orientation, choose your printer and fix the scaling. Lastly, input the photo size and the paper size. If the sizes are not already available, you can manually type them in. Try to not choose the Shrink to fit option for the fit as it might ruin your photo’s quality. 

Check the print preview to make sure all the pictures are within the margins. 

Step 3

Once all is set, you can go ahead and press down on the Print button to receive your output. 

Printing Passport Photo On Mac PC/Laptop

Step 1

Look for your passport photo in the location where you have stored it. Right-click on it and choose the Print option. 

Step 2

From the options available, seek out your printer’s name. Alter the format accordingly and select the paper size. Lastly, choose a suitable photo size. 

Check the print preview to make sure you do not need to make any more changes. Click the Print button once done. 

Step 3

After choosing the Print button, the Mac OS print dialogue box must have appeared. Here, you can make further changes. 

Type in the number of copies you require and change the quality in the Media & Quality list. Pull the arrow present next to the Quality option until it is under Best. If the Black & White box is marked, make sure to remove the tick. 

Step 4

With all things set, click on the Print button present on the corner to get your output. 

Once the printing process is over, you can now proceed to cut out your passport photo. 

Tips On Choosing A Printer For Passport Photos

Not all printers are good for getting your passport photos printed. If you are hoping to choose a printer that will suit your purpose, here are some tips that you can follow. 

  1. Make sure your printer can get colored prints. You cannot print passport photos using a printer that only produces black and white output.
  2. A photo printer is always the better option when you want to get passport photos printed. They will provide better quality output. 
  3. Before purchasing the printer, check the printing resolution it offers. A printer that offers high-resolution output will give your superior quality pictures. 
  4. The weight of photo papers differs from that of normal papers. Hence, look into the media types and weights that the printer supports. This will help you avoid a printer that is unable to print on glossy or matte papers. 
  5. Check out the media sizes that your printer offers. As mentioned, there are several sizes of photo paper available. You want to be able to utilize whichever you want. So, choose a versatile printer. 

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