How Do I Print Out A Certificate?

Are you struggling to print out your certificate and running out of time? Are you confused about the steps you should follow to print a proper certificate? Well, you’re in the right place, for we’re going to make this process as easy as pie for you!

Certificates are required for every step of our lives. Starting from birth certification to our educational results, everything is documented and held as proof in the form of certificates, and it’s important for you to print and store them properly.

How Do I Print Out A Certificate?

Downloading The Certificate

  • Search for the link to your required certificate.
  • Download your certificate from the link. Make sure you download the PDF version, which is easier to print.

If the PDF version isn’t available, take a screenshot of your computer window with the certificate opened.

Taking A Screenshot

  • Press the “PrtSc” button on your keyboard to take a screenshot on Windows PC; for Mac, press on the “Shift + Command + 3” keys.
  • Paste the screenshot on any image editor software, like Paint on Windows. The image is automatically saved in Mac.

Printing The Certificate

Printing from the PDF version

  • Open your PDF file using Adobe Reader or any PDF reader on your computer.
  • On your keyboard, press “Ctrl + P” on your Windows PC or“Command + P” for your MAC to open the print window.
  • Choose your printer’s name on the “Printer” option if it wasn’t detected automatically.
  • If you need more than one copy of your certificate, enter the number in the “Copies” attribute.
  • If you’re not using A4 paper, click on the “Page Setup” option.
  • Select the correct paper size you’re using and press “OK.”
  • Make sure your printer is properly connected to your computer, and click on the “Print” button on the bottom-right to print out your certificate.

Printing From The Screenshot

  • Open your screenshot using any photo editor software.
  • Using the “Crop” feature of your editor, crop the screenshot around your certificate.
  • Press “Ctrl + P” for Windows PC or “Command + P” for MAC to open the print window on your keyboard.
  • Choose your printer from the “Select Printer” option and also type in the number of copies you need.
  • Ensuring proper connection between your computer and printer, click on the “Print” option to execute the print.

Can You Print Out A Birth Certificate Online?

Yes, you can print out a birth certificate online using our instructions above.

There is a specific website for each country that contains information about the citizens. With proper verification on those websites, you can easily get hold of your birth certificate online.

You simply need to fill out some forms and pay a minimal fee. Then, the birth certificate will be sent to you online in no time.

However, birth certificates printed online can only be used for verification of your identity.

They don’t carry the necessary seals and approval from the government officials, and you won’t be able to use printed certificates for job applications and driver’s licenses.

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