How Do I Print Legal Size Paper On My Printer?

Are you frustrated with the improper printing and formatting on your legal documents? Are you struggling to print perfectly with your legal-size paper?

Well, this essentially happens when incorrect printing settings are used.

Legal size paper need a small bit of tweaking in the settings and setup before you can start printing on them. However, it’s not a very complicated process, and if you follow the steps below, you’ll be printing out professional printouts on legal size paper with your printer in no time!

Ensuring Compatibility

  • Open the user’s manual and check the range of “Media Type” and “Paper Size” supported by your printer.
  • If the legal-size paper is mentioned in the media compatibility section and your printer supports paper sizes with dimensions 8.5×14”, then you’re good to go. If not, your printer can’t print properly on legal size paper.

Loading the Paper in the printer

  • By pulling on the notch, open the paper tray of your printer. Place it separately if it’s detachable.
  • Separate the paper width guides on the side by pushing them as far away as they go. For some trays, just adjusting one guide will automatically move the other one.
  • Push the paper length guide downwards to increase the space for placing your paper.
  • Refer to the user’s manual and check the paper-handling capacity of the tray.
  • Prepare your set of legal size paper evenly and make sure the number of sheets is less than the capacity of your tray.
  • Next, carefully place your set of legal size paper on the tray and nudge it evenly so that it’s against the top edge of the tray.
  • Close the paper guides on the side and bottom but don’t make them too tight against the paper set.
  • If you separate the paper tray, correctly place it back inside the printer and close the tray.

Executing the Print

For Word documents

  • Open your word document with any word-processing software, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Select the “File” option on the top-left corner and click on “Print.”
  • From the new section, enter “Page Setup.”
  • Navigate to the “Paper” section.
  • Under the “Paper Size” feature, choose “Legal” from the drop-down menu and click “OK.”
  • Select the printer you’re using from the “Printer” drop-down menu.
  • If you want more than one copy of your printout, change the value in “Copies” section.
  • Hit “Print” to print out your desired document.

For PDF files

  • Enter your PDF document using whichever PDF viewer you like, for example, Adobe Reader.
  • On the top of the window, click on the “Printer” icon. If there are no such printer icons, press “Ctrl + P” on your keyboard if you’re on Windows, and “Command + P” if you’re on MAC.
  • A print dialog box will open. Next, click on “Properties” button that you’ll find on the top-right side.
  • Out of a lot of options, you should be able to see one saying “Paper Size” or just “Size”.
  • Change the size from “Letter” to “Legal” using the drop-down menu.
  • Click “OK,” and you should come back to the initial print dialog box.
  • Next, make sure the correct printer is chosen, along with the number of copies you want to print.
  • Hit “Print” to execute the process.

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