How To Print Index Cards On HP Printer

With advancements made in printing technology, all commonly known brands are constantly including amazing features in their newly manufactured printers. One such brand is HP which sells printers that are guaranteed to please all users.

Most HP printers these days support printing on different sizes and types of media which is why, with a few alterations to your regular printer settings, you will be able to easily print on your index cards. If you have an HP printer, read this article on how to print index cards till the end so that you can easily print and save your data.

For this process, you will need a set of index cards and an HP printer whose minimum sheet size is equal to or less than the dimensions of your index card.

How To Print Index Cards On HP Printer

Printing Index Cards On HP Printer

Step One: Setting Up Your File

Go to MS Word and open the Layout tab on the Menu bar. Click on the Size option and if your index card’s size is not shown, Click on More Paper Sizes. The Page Setup dialogue box appears where you need to manually input the Width and Height.

Change the Orientation to Landscape and fix the margins.

Step Two: Putting The Index Cards In The Tray

Remove all papers from the input tray and place your index cards on it. Using the width adjuster, fix the index cards to the right position; the cards will be on the left of the width adjuster. Keep on making adjustments and let the card touch the back of the tray until your printer can detect that it is loaded.

Step Three: Fixing Your Printer Settings

Click the Start button present on the bottom left corner of your laptop and open the Settings option by clicking on the icon. Click on Printers and select the name of your printer on the screen. Open the Properties and choose the Setup or Paper tab (whichever your printer shows).

Afterward, select the Paper Size option and from the drop-down list, select the size of your index card. You are now good to go with your printing!

Open the MS Word file you had fixed and then select the File tab. From the options present on the left click on Print and after making sure all page settings are correct, click the Print icon to have your index card printed.

If you have stuck out till the end, you can now print important contact details, addresses, lists, etc. on your index cards. We hope you have a fun time printing!

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