How To Print On Glossy Paper

A commonly used paper for printing pictures, brochures, leaflets, booklets, etc. is glossy paper. It is coated with a type of polymer to make it stronger, more durable, glossy, and tear-resistant however, the coating makes it harder to absorb ink, and thus, printing on it can be a little tricky.

Printing on glossy paper requires dye-based inks which means you will be needing a specific type of inkjet or laser printer to get the job done. If you have a printer at home and wish to get some durable prints that are long-lasting and shiny, then get your printer and some glossy paper ready as this article will teach you how to print on the glossy paper!

How To Print On Glossy Paper

Printing On Glossy Paper

Step 1

As glossy papers are light and weighty, you will need to clean the printer beforehand to make sure your printer doesn’t have a hard time rolling the paper in. You can look into videos online to find out how to do this or check the printer’s manual.

Step 2

Glossy papers differ in thickness and thus, you need to be careful while purchasing. Choose a weight that falls within the range your printer supports. You need to be extra careful while purchasing a laser printer as some tend to get destroyed and damage your printer; this is because some glossy papers don’t react well to heat.

Step 3

Get your printing file ready and on the Print dialogue box, change the media type to Glossy Paper or Photo Paper. This will allow your printer to detect the paper type.

Step 4

Insert one of your glossy papers into your tray and when your printer has detected it, go ahead and press the print button. You need to put one paper in the input tray at a time to prevent them from sticking together and getting stuck while it is being rolled up.

Step 5

Once the glossy paper has been printed upon, let it rest for a couple of minutes so that the dye dries up. Afterward, remove the page from the output tray by holding onto the edges; this will help you in avoiding any smudges. Let the glossy paper dry once again.

With our article coming to an end, you can now proceed to print out memorable photos, work brochures, leaflets, event booklets, etc. by yourself. As you could have guessed by reading our article, the process is very easy. All you will require is some patience.

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