How To Make Waterproof Stickers With Silhouette Cameo

When you see a scrapbook or journal on Pinterest or Instagram, beautifully designed with stickers and colors, don’t you just want to create something like that by yourself with your own stickers?  We all do!

Silhouette Cameo is an amazing device to make unique designs on almost all types of material, starting from vinyl and fabric, and even on sticker paper. So if making stickers or using the Silhouette Cameo isn’t your forte, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Today, we’re here to help you in making the perfect waterproof stickers with Silhouette Cameo through a detailed, step-by-step guide into the sticker world!

What You Will Need

  • An inkjet/DeskJet printer
  • The Silhouette Cameo
  • Cameo cutting mat- 12×24” or 12×12”
  • A pair of Tweezers
  • Waterproof Glossy sticker paper

You must make sure your sticker paper has waterproof characteristics. The ink and designs will bleed and wash off on normal sticker paper and will not be of any use.

How To Make Waterproof Stickers With Silhouette Cameo

Choosing The Sticker Artwork

1. Creating Your Design

  • Create your sticker designs using any photo-editing software, like Paint or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Copy and paste your designs altogether in a new file.
  • Resize the stickers into 2×2” dimensions and save the file as .png or .jpeg.

2. Downloading The Design

  • There are also various websites from which you can download unique sticker artwork and designs as packs.
  • They can be downloaded in zip files containing both .jpeg and .png formats.
  • Extract the download files into an easily-accessible directory.

Installing Silhouette Studio Software

  • Visit the Silhouette America website.
  • Navigate to the “Software” option in the top menu of the webpage.
  • You’ll be redirected to another page, where you can see an option to download Silhouette Studio.
  • Choose “Windows 64-bit” or “MAC 64-bit” according to your computer and download the software.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to start installing the software into your computer.

Setting The Software Up

  • With the Silhouette Studio software open, select the correct paper size in accordance with the paper you’re using.
  • From the multiple options below, choose the Cameo cutting mat which you’ll be using.
  • Tick the “Show Print Border,” “Show Cut Border,” and “Print Bleed” options on the bottom of the window.
  • Select “File” on the top-left corner, and click on the “Print” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the printer that you’ll be using and click on “Apply.”

Accessing The Sticker Designs

  • Firstly, import the stickers into your software by selecting “File” again and left-clicking on “Merge.”
  • From the resulting window, navigate to your stickers and double-click on your .png or .jpeg file.
  • If you have multiple image files containing your sticker designs, open each of them separately in the same way.
  • Select each design individually using the “Select Rectangle tool” on the left taskbar.
  • Position them within the workspace so that they don’t overlap each other.

Tracing The Designs

  • Click on the “Trace” panel on the right taskbar to open the tracing options.
  • Left-click on the “Select Trace Area” option and draw a rectangle, making sure all your designs fall inside the borders.
  • Increase the “Threshold” level to 100% and lower the scale level. Make sure the scale level is above 3.
  • Hit “Trace,” and you should be able to see faded outlines around each of your designs.
  • Click on any white space around a design to select all the designs at once again.
  • Right-click on your mouse to open up a horde of options and select “Release Compound Path.”

Cropping The Designs

  • Select the “Modify” feature from the right taskbar and click on “Crop.”
  • Create an outline around your traced design and hit “Crop” again.
  • Do this for all your designs so that they’re all separated as individual stickers.

Adjusting The Border

  • Click on the “Page Setup” feature found on the right taskbar too.
  • Select the rightmost symbol above the “Registration Marks” section.
  • For the “Style” attribute, choose “Type 1” from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll see grey diagonal lines appear near the top and bottom corners of your workspace.
  • If the lines overlap with your stickers, you should left-click on your stickers and drag them away from the lines.

Creating Multiple Copies

  • Click on your desired sticker design to automatically select it.
  • Right-click on your mouse and select “Copy” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Right-click again on a blank space and select “Paste” to create another copy of your sticker.

Resizing The Stickers

  • Select the “Transform” option from the taskbar on the right.
  • Choose the second option on the top of the resulting window to edit the size of your stickers. Again, you can type in new dimensions according to what you want.
  • The third option will let you rotate your designs in order to fit them properly inside the printing space.
  • You can also select multiple designs together and use the points on the edges of the selecting box to increase or decrease their size.

Printing The Stickers

  • Navigate to the “Send” panel on the top-most taskbar.
  • This will showcase all your designs with a red outline. Ensure that none of your stickers are overlapping.
  • Click on “File” on the top-left corner of the window and select “Print.”
  • Choose the correct printer from the “Select Printer” section.
  • Hit “Print” to print out your stickers.

Preparing The Stickers For Cutting

  • Take off the protective layer from your Cameo Cutting Mat.
  • Using a towel, gently rub on the surface of the mat to even out the stickiness.
  • Stick your printed sheet on the cutting mat evenly, conforming to the ruler scaling on the sides.
  • Dab on the sheet to ensure proper adhesion.

Cutting The Stickers

  • Make sure your Silhouette Cameo is turned on.
  • With each of the top ends of your cutting mat touching the ends of the rollers, nudge it inwards for the device to receive your sheet.
  • After the machine has cut the stickers, it’ll stop making the “whirring” sound; gently pull on the mat outwards to take it out.

Sticking Your Stickers

  • Turn your mat upside down and carefully take it off of the printed sheet.
  • Using tweezers, start peeling off the top surface of the sticker paper from the top corner.
  • With the tweezers or your nails, pull on any edge of a sticker to try and take it off the sheet. A small opening will make it easy to take the rest of the sticker out.
    You can also use scissors to cut the design in a square shape, making it easier to take the sticker off later.
  • After that, remove the coating on the back of the sticker.
  • Stick your gorgeously designed sticker on your diary, journal, or anywhere you like!


There you have it, folks! A beautiful waterproof sticker made with your very own Silhouette Cameo!

The instructions might look lengthy and time-consuming, but if you’ve gone through it all, you will know that the entire process won’t take you more than thirty minutes. It is that easy to make your own waterproof stickers, and the Silhouette Cameo just enhances your experience even more!

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