How To Load Glossy Paper Into A Printer

Glossy paper increases the shine, quality, and sharpness of images. The paper itself is thick with a glossy side and a matte side. The glossy side does an amazing job at sucking in ink, making it perfect for several jobs. Brochures, photos, projects, presentations, slides, etc., can all be printed to give a more professional look. 

However, as the weight of such paper differs, so does the loading process. Therefore, you need to take extra care to make sure the paper doesn’t get stuck in your printer’s rollers. So, allow us to introduce you to the process of loading glossy paper into a printer!

How To Load Glossy Paper Into A Printer

Step 1

Glossy papers of different thicknesses are available in the market. Make sure to buy the kind whose weight will not be too heavy for your printer. When home, unpack the set of glossy paper that you have purchased for yourself. 

Step 2

Grab at least 10 sheets of glossy paper and stack them on top of each other. The glossy side of the paper is extremely sensitive to fingerprints. So, take care not to touch any other parts other than the edge.

Take it from us when we say you do not want blotches of fingerprints all over your photo! 

Tap the edges on your table or any other flat surfaces. This helps to align them perfectly. 

Step 3

Place your stack of paper in the input tray with the glossy side facing up. Make sure your stack’s height is not too high. Your printer might otherwise be unable to roll in the papers. Remember to maintain little to no contact with the paper’s middle parts. 

Step 4

Adjust the paper guides so that the glossy papers are tightly held in place. 

Your glossy photo papers are now loaded. Take some time to configure the printer settings to get the best quality output. Once done, feel free to press the Print command!

Does Photo Paper Go Glossy Side Up Or Down?

The answer to this depends on the printer you are using. Some printers will print on the side of the paper that is facing up. For such printers, when placing your paper on the tray, make sure that the glossy side is facing upwards.

Some printers will print on the side that is facing downwards. If your printer functions this way, place your glossy paper on the paper tray with the matte side facing upwards. 

How Do I Put Glossy Paper In My HP Printer?

After you have removed the packaging, make a stack of about 10 to 15 papers. 

For Top Load printers, place the stack on the top paper slot. For Front Load printers, let the stack sift on the front-load paper slot. 

Once you have placed the papers on their spot, adjust the paper guides accordingly. Make sure they hold the stack of paper in position tightly. 

Your glossy papers are now loaded onto your HP printer.

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