How To Become A Nursery School Teacher

Other than one’s parents, the most that a child can learn from is their teacher. And among all the teachers, a preschool or nursery teacher has the most impact. It is not unheard-of people wanting to become such a memorable person to the new generations. But how to become a nursery school teacher?

If you wish to become a Nursery school teacher, you will need to have an associate or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Once you get that, you will need to get certified by CDA or CCP, and after the certification comes experience gathering and sharpening your child handling skills.

The task of a Nursery school teacher may seem easy, but it is the complete opposite. They manage the unmanageable and guide them to the right path. So don’t take the task lightly, and make sure to work hard towards your goal.

What Is a Nursery School Teacher?

Children are the future of this world. How they are bought up determines their future decisions gravely. And the person who establishes this foundation is a Nursery School Teacher.

They are the people who help children of ages 3-5 learn about the world. This is the age that helps them develop physically, intellectually, and become social. And to help the hyperactive kids find the right setting to flourish is the task of a preschool teacher.

Nursery school teachers use varieties of methods to help the children grow. Some of these settings include school activities and even casual games. Many work as a nursery to help build society and add meaning to their lives.

But no matter what the reason may be, it is undeniable that a Nursery teacher plays the most crucial role in a child’s life, right after their parents.

What Does a Nursery School Teacher Do?

The most significant task of a teacher is to teach. This is true even in the case of Nursery school teachers. But the difference is that instead of mature students, they are tasked with the responsibility of teaching the children. These children are toddlers, which increases the difficulty of the task manifolds.

As a teacher, you will be asked to teach the kids alphabets, culture, social interactions, and many more. So being a “know it all” is not enough for a Nursery school teacher. They have to supervise the toddlers and teach them about the ways of the world.

Once someone becomes a Nursery school teacher, they have a ton of tasks in hand. First and foremost, they will have to teach the youngsters following a specifically designed curriculum. This is designed in a way that will not only help the children develop but even accelerate it. And it is in the teachers’ hands as to how fast and solidly they develop.

Though this is the main task of a teacher, they are also tasked with additional duties. Some of them are tasks like creating a learning ambient, promoting creativity, helping the child find their interests, and many more. But no matter what the job is, its importance is limitless.

Nursery School Teacher Career Requirements

Even though the task is to direct a bunch of toddlers, the job of a Nursery teacher is an important one. And for this reason, some strict requirements are to be fulfilled if one wishes to become a Nursery school teacher.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the must-have requirements are as follows.

Level of Degree

As a Nursery teacher, one’s educational requirements are not that high. If you have a High School Diploma or something equivalent, you are eligible to apply for the position of Nursery teacher.

In some cases, the requirements ask for bachelor’s or associate’s degrees. But the latter cases are rare.

Required Field

The main requirement from the educational degree is not its level but its field.

For a Nursery school teacher, the required area of expertise is not science or commerce but Childcare. As the target students are toddlers, this is a must if you wish to apply.

In some cases, the “Early Childhood Education” field is also acceptable.


Licensure for a teacher is a must. In the case of Nursery teachers, the certification is much more significant. They are there to build the foundation for the new generation. So it’s a requirement that they get certified for the responsibility they would be tasked with.

To become a Nursery teacher, the following sources provide acceptable certificates:

  • CDA
  • CCP
  • Early Childhood Licensure

Previous Experience

Depending on where you apply, the experience requirements vary. But for most establishments, they ask for previous experiences in childcare settings.

For example, if you worked in a child daycare before, you will have a higher chance of becoming a Nursery teacher.

Principal Skills

No matter how qualified you are, some skills are a must-have for Nursery teachers. Here they are:

  • Instructional skills
  • Communications skills
  • Patience
  • Friendliness
  • Attention holding
  • Crowd management skills
  • Creativity
  • Data handling skills
  • Comprehension skills

How To Become A Nursery School Teacher

Now that you know about the requirements, it is high time you learn about all the steps you will have to take to achieve them.

A nursery school teacher is the torchbearer of a generation. So, don’t take the responsibilities lightly and follow these steps correctly.

Step 1: Get the Diploma from a High School

Most preschool teachers are required to have a High School diploma, at the very least. This degree helps one get a better knowledge of Psychology and Health along with the basics of English. All this knowledge is vital for those who aspire to become a Nursery school teacher.

Comprehension skills are valued in a preschool teacher. So, if you wish to become one, you should focus on developing your reading and writing since high school. You can also increase your chance by taking part in volunteer works. For instance, volunteering in various childcare will definitely boost your chances. This also doubles as work experience.

Step 2: Take Early Childhood Education and Earn a Degree

If you are thinking about applying to a Public School, we ask you to get postsecondary early childhood education. This is also recommended for those who aim to get a head start in their objective.

In the case of Head Start programs, the requirement is an associate degree or a bachelor’s.These degrees focus on various important factors. Some of them are:

  • Factors influencing development.
  • Child Psychology.
  • Safety and Health.
  • Food and Nutrition.

For better chances, you can become a non-profit tutor. This will help you fulfill academic requirements as well as training ones. We recommend you try tutoring children in science, math, and other creative topics.

Step 3: Get Certified

For getting certified, you can seek the certification of Child Care Professional (CCP) or Child Development Associate (CDA). Both of them provide a certificate that is accepted all over the nation. But some states prefer CCP over CDA, so take note of that.

If you want the CCP certificate, you will need the following:

  • High School Diploma
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Field Experience

Similarly, for CDA, the requirements are as follows:

  • High School Diploma
  • Early Childhood Education Field Experience
  • Specific Coursework

Step 4: Look for Education Courses and Refine Yourself

Once you are done with the conventional steps, you will need to promote yourself. And the best way to do that is not by advertising but by staying up-to-date with the world. You will have to stay up with the ever-changing instructional methods, classroom management techniques, and, most of all, the latest educational research.

If you want to stand out among the tons of applicants, all this extra knowledge will be helpful. If you find additional educational courses, we recommend you go for them. They will not only help out now but also in the future.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be A Nursery School Teacher?

The steps we described are all that are required to become a Nursery School teacher. So, if you have the degree, certification, and field experience, you can easily apply for the position.

For a preschool teacher, it is essential to know how to handle data. They are tasked to track the progress of each child individually. So, feel free to call yourself a data manager as well.

You have to be child-friendly and know how to help them. If you don’t know what the child wants, you will never be able to teach them.

Similar to how our hand has five different-sized fingers, the children are also different. So, you will have to adapt to them and make them trust you. To help you gain trust, you can play games, do storytelling activities, and more.

Additional Skills and Experience A Nursery School Teacher Should Possess

Even after you have all the required degrees and experiences, you will need skills to handle a bunch of kids. You’ll need to acquire many skills if you want to be the best Nursery school teacher. Some of them are:

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Responsive
  • Quick-wittedness
  • Captivating Speaker
  • Trustworthy
  • Inspiring
  • Creative
  • Collaborative

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do nursery teachers get paid?

Depending on the state you work in, the amount may vary. But on average, the annual pay for a Nursery school teacher is $30,000. This pay is average among the teachers who are certified.

If you have both a Diploma and a Degree, the annual income can be as high as $35,000.

Can you be a preschool teacher without a degree?

Without a degree, it is impossible to be a Preschool teacher. This is because a degree is a must if you want to get certified by the CCP or CDA. And without these certificates, no preschool will allow one to become a teacher. So, getting a degree for a preschool teacher is a must.

How long does it take to become a preschool teacher?

Since most preschool teachers must have an associate or bachelor’s degree, one can become a preschool teacher in 3-4 years.

But if you are hardworking, you can make the time shorter. And if you wish, you can also become a teacher after getting a high school diploma in two years.

Final Words

Teaching is a noble profession. And among all the teachers, the Nursery school teacher lays down a child’s foundation. That’s why many people aspire to take on that responsibility and wonder how to become a nursery school teacher. It’s quick and straightforward. You just need to work hard and be active. The rest will start getting in place with ease. Remember, a teacher is an architect for a child’s life foundation. So don’t lax

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