How To Print On Vellum: Tips & Tricks

Vellum is a type of paper specially designed from animal skin or plant material and then dried into sheets. It has the same thickness as regular printer paper. But it feels much smoother to the touch because of its special coating.

Since it’s not exactly like regular paper, it can be hard to get vellum printed correctly. Therefore, you will need to use a laser printer rather than an inkjet if you want the best results with vellum. That way, it prints appropriately on both sides of the page without being too dark or showing through from behind.

For printing things like wedding invitations where the design needs to show through, translucent Vellum is a perfect choice. There are many types and brands of printers available to print on vellum. So let’s take a look at how to print on vellum!

How To Print On Vellum: Tips & Tricks

What is Vellum?

Vellum is a matte paper with a lovely soft-to-the-touch feel and delicately textured surface.

It is traditionally prepared as animal skin or parchment that has been scraped or pasted clean and stretched on a frame. But historically, other materials such as papyrus, amate bark, palmyra palm leaves, and other vegetable products were often used as writing surfaces instead of vellum.

Vellum is often used as a high-quality paper for formal correspondence, invitations, announcements, and artwork. It can also be used to create unique one-of-a-kind books from special materials such as photographs.

Which Printer Is Best For Vellum: Laser Or Inkjet?

Laser printers are usually better for printing on fragile paper such as vellum. Some inkjets do this too. But they will produce a blotchy print on vellum most of the time.

If you’re happy with the quality of your inkjet’s output, it isn’t tricky to get good results in most cases. Be sure to have plenty of color ink in your cartridge when you set out to print on vellum.

Printing On Vellum Using A Laser Printer

There are various factors to take into account when printing on vellum using a laser printer. For example, the type of vellum paper you have, the other items being printed on, and the printer used will all play a role in how the printing job turns out.

First, you need to know what kind of vellum paper is used. The best type for laser printing and the most durable is Parchment Vellum Paper.

This kind of paper has 18% recycled cotton fiber with a fine grain texture and an acidic-free surface that doesn’t jam or damage printers. It can be printed on both sides and is long-lasting.

Printing On Vellum Using An Inkjet Printer

You can print on vellum using an inkjet printer as well. But it won’t last as long and may not be as high-quality as a result.

You’ll need to make sure you use archival-grade inks for this kind of printing job. The inks you use can have a direct impact on how long your vellum lasts. 

Inkjet vellum paper is a little different from laser-printing on parchment vellum paper. The ink absorbs in the paper instead of lying flat, making it more susceptible to damage and premature aging. It’s also not entirely archival if you plan to keep your prints long-term.

Tips & Tricks of Printing on Vellum

Vellum is a fragile paper with a smooth surface. It can be used for any printing purpose, but it’s most commonly found in the form of large sheets to cover diplomas and certificates that are framed.

Printing on vellum can mean undertaking a wide range of extra measures. Of course, it’s only to ensure that the end product turns out satisfactory. Below are a few tips and tricks to follow so that you can print on vellum without having to worry about mishaps.

Choose The Correct Type Of Printer And Ink

The type of printer you use will determine which kind of paper to print on. For example, printing directly onto vellum with an inkjet printer is not recommended as the inks can bleed and result in a lackluster final product.

On the other hand, laser printers use heat which may cause your vellum to burn or discolor over time. So if you’re using a laser printer, purchase vellum that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Use white or light-colored ink on your document. This makes it easier for the heat of the toner to transfer appropriately to your vellum.

Use An Application To Clean Your Vellum

To avoid getting dust or dirt on the surface of your vellum, you can use a unique applicator made for this purpose. This will help ensure that you get professional quality results in no time at all!

Many printers already come with these types of applicators built-in. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate applicator for this purpose. Instead, to print with a laser printer, use the applicator built in your printer to avoid any mishaps.

Set Up The Right Printer Settings

Selecting the wrong print setting will result in poor quality results. So it’s essential to take your time and select options that are best suited for printing on vellum.

Printing with a laser printer can be trickier than selecting print settings for an inkjet printer. That’s because you have to ensure that you don’t burn the vellum. Set your laser printer’s heat to manual and then adjust it as needed until you reach the desired results.

For an inkjet printer, set your print settings on low or medium instead of high. That way, there is no risk of smudging or bleed-through from excessive amounts of ink.

Many experts recommend using plain paper as a test sheet to determine what settings are best for printing on vellum.

Buy In Bulk

To minimize the amount of printing you have to do, print multiple pages on one sheet. You can also purchase vellum that is already cut down into smaller pieces. This will save both ink and paper. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

For example, vellum sheets are available in small packs which contain only a few sheets. They are also available in rolls that can be cut down to the size you need without any difficulty at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Side Do You Print On Vellum Paper?

You can print on both sides of the vellum. However, when printing with inkjet printers, you should use specialty or high-quality paper for the best results.

How Do You Print A Picture On Vellum?

The best way to print a picture is to use a high-quality color laser printer with specialty vellum paper. If you need to print an inkjet image onto vellum, look for the words “vellum” or “ink jet vellum” on the label before buying.

Is Vellum Paper Good For Screen Printing?

Yes! Vellum paper works great for screen printing on T-shirts, cardboard boxes, and just about any other surface.         


Printing on vellum can be a bit tricky. But using these tips and tricks will make it easier to get the result you’re looking for! Just take your time and use the tips above to learn all about how to print on vellum.

When printing on vellum, it’s best to use an inkjet printer. However, if you’re interested in getting a laser printer for your home, check out the latest models that offer wireless connectivity and can print high-quality documents with ease.

Printing on quality, smooth vellum is an investment that you won’t regret. With these helpful tips in mind, it’s easier than ever before to print professional-looking documents from scratch at home. Have fun with your vellum printing DIY project!

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