How Do You Put Legal Size Paper In A Printer?

Adult lives are filled with handling legalities and hardships. To keep law-related matters in control, we need to print out several documents, certificates, affidavits, etc.

However, as you know, the law is strict. They demand that everything is written neatly, using understandable sentences, and on the right-sized paper. Which paper should you use, though?

Legal papers with a dimension of 8.5 x 14 inches are the common choice for printing out law-related documents. They are the most widely used type after letter size paper, but people are often confused about printing on them.

Therefore, today we intend to teach our audience just that!

Printer Settings:

  1. If your Brother printing machine has a touch screen, press on the Settings icon. Otherwise, press the menu button.
  2. Look for the General Setup option and then, using the arrows, find the Paper Size option.
  3. Once again, using the up and down arrow buttons, select the Legal option.
  4. When done, if you are using the touch screen model, press on the Home icon. If your model does not have a touch screen, simply press the Stop or Exit button.

Loading The Papers:

  1. Initially, you need to get your feed tray ready. Grab your paper tray and pull it out of the machine.
  2. Remove the output tray cover by pressing on the necessary spot.
  3. Adjust the length and width of paper guides to align according to LGL (legal) markings.
  4. Get a stack of legal papers and knock them against a flat surface to line them up. You should also make sure they are kept properly without creating any folds.
  5. Place the papers in the tray and make sure they are lying flat. Next, push the paper guides against the stack of paper, then pull the paper tray cover down.
  6. Once you are done with all these, put the paper tray back into your Brother printer.

Printer Settings:

  1. Open the file that you intend to get a hard copy of and find the print option.
  2. When the menu opens up, users are presented with a bunch of printing options. Select the correct orientation, paper type, and quality. For paper size, usually, the letter option will be given by default.
  3. Click on the Paper Size option, and then a drop-down menu will appear. From there, select the Legal option. The dimensions will be shown, so remember to check for further confirmation.
  4. Once all the printer settings have been handled accordingly, press the Print button.

Loading The Paper:

  1. Pull open your printer’s paper cassette or tray and remove its cover.
  2. Adjust the width guides so that they are resting on the edge of your tray. The length guide should be moved forward. If a release button is available, press on it so that the tray length is elongated.
  3. Usually, papery trays or cassettes have a mark regarding differently sized papers. Move the length guide to the one for Legal sized paper or the one that is 14 inches.
  4. Get your paper stack ready and align all the papers properly. Once they are ready, place the papers on the tray.
  5. Adjust all the guides once again to make sure they are against your stack.
  6. Now, slide in the paper cassette or tray back into its place. The papers are now loaded and ready to be printed upon.

Sometimes, a difference in size makes the printer unable to identify whether it is loaded or not. Altering the printer settings will help you go through the loading process comfortably. You now know how to put legal size paper in a printer! Have a fun time printing!

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