Everything You Need To Know About Scrapbook Paper

We all want to preserve special moments, and a scrapbook is the best old-school way to store your colorful memories! It’s not too difficult to make a scrapbook either. With some basic artistic sense and the correct type of paper, you’re all good to jump into your scrapbooking journey.

You can make several types of scrapbook papers based on prints colors, sizes, and designs. The most popular ones are die-cut papers, plain cardstock, patterned papers, transparent papers, and vellum paper. All of these types are lignin and acid-free, which will preserve your precious memory for a long time. You will also need scrapbook kits like adhesive, embellishment, writing and cutting tools, etc.

So, you want to make a scrapbook! Here’s everything you need to know about scrapbook paper and its varieties.

Everything You Need To Know About Scrapbook Paper

What Is Scrapbook Paper?

The scrapbook paper is slightly different from regular paper because they are heavy-weight, thick, and full of colors. Scrapbook paper can be made with variations of every existing color and design.

But these following papers are the most popular ones among the users.

Plain Cardstock

Plain cardstock paper is the most preferable one because it can create fantastic backgrounds for your photos and artwork. It’s available in different sizes like 6 × 6 inches, 8 × 8 inches, 8.5 × 11 inches, and 12 × 12 inches.

The solid-colored variant has the upper hand in design selection because you can choose or create your unique designs on it. It also has a heavyweight structure of 65 pounds to 110 pounds for a packet of 500 sheets. But it will vary according to standards. This helps to withstand excessive glue and decorative items.

This type of paper is perfect for background designs, die-cutting, and scrapbook layouts. It can deliver every outcome you want from a scrapbook-like matte, glossy, shiny, and textured finish.

Patterned Papers

Patterned papers are used for excessive decorative purposes because of their varieties in themes, designs, and colors. And another specialty is that you can design on just one or both sides of the paper.

They are available in different sizes like 6 × 6 inches, 8 × 8 inches, 8.5 × 11 inches, 12 × 12 inches, 6 × 8 inches, and 6 × 12 inches. The weight distribution is medium and a full ream of 500 sheets can weigh somewhere between 60 to 65 pounds.

These papers are also available in accents like copper, silver, golden colored with a glossy or embossed finish.

Vellum Paper

If you are not a fan of heavyweight scrapbooks, then your most obvious option is vellum paper. This type of paper is made of cotton that makes them lightweight (only 48 pounds for a packet of one ream) with less porosity.

The available sizes of vellum paper are 12 × 12 inches and 8.5 × 11 inches. You can use the vellum papers for layering over the pictures, making your writings darker and bolder, stamping, and dry embossing.

They also have two types of accents, and they are golden and glitter accents.

Transparent Paper

This lightweight paper is also known as acetate paper. As they are transparent papers, they are an ideal choice for using in the background as overlayers.

You can also find a semi-transparent and partially opaque version of these acetate papers. The standard sizes of these papers are 12 × 12 inches, 6 × 6 inches, and 5 × 7 inches. Their weight distribution is also medium and a ream weighs only 45 pounds. You can use them in planner dashboards, creating multi-layers and cards.

However, you need to know their variety of thicknesses before choosing them for your scrapbook.

Die-Cut Paper

The die-cut paper is pretty modern and getting popular nowadays because of its design. So, what’s the difference then? Well, this type of paper comes in different shapes with various colors and prints.

For example, you want to add photos of a celebrity as you met them on a random day. So, just order the paper into their shapes with images printed on it, or you can use random shapes to make your book look cool!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Paper Is Good For Scrapbooks?

Plain cardstock paper should be your best choice for making a scrapbook. It’s because of their varieties in colors and design. Also, the paper is rugged and heavyweight. So, you can use them in the background and the inner pages.

As the cardstock papers are lignin and acid-free, your precious memories won’t fade away over time. So, you can write or add images to your book without worrying. You can also use excessive colors and add glues in the book, and it won’t be a concern because of their thick layers.

What Do I Need To Start A Scrapbook?

Before starting a scrapbook, you need to go through the fundamentals first. Your primary concern is to choose papers for your scrapbook.

After that, you need the scrapbook kits that include adhesives. Make sure none of the adhesives contain acidic components. You can use colored pens or pencils to make your book cheerful.

Embellishments and stickers are also helpful regarding decorative purposes. You can use the anti-cutters or the scissors to make shapes, trim the papers, or cut the photos.

What Are The Essentials For Scrapbooking?

If you ought to make a scrapbook, you will need several kits to give your work proper finishing. So, your essentials list includes tape, liquid glues, markers, colorful pens and pencils, colorful stickers, several embellishments, scissors, and obviously the scrapbook papers.

You can find these items pretty easily in your nearby stationery store. Then it’s pretty easy to make your scrapbook within a couple of hours with these essential items.

How Do You Make A Scrapbook-Like A Pro?

Want to work like a pro? Then think like a pro!

First of all, you need a plan to decide how many photos you are going to attach at a time, what will be the theme, selection of colors for all the pages, type of scrapbook paper, and even the photo pattern.

You should try using different sizes and shapes of photos in your book. It will provide a more creative look to your work. It’s normal to use two images on a single page, but you also add more. Just don’t mess up the decorations.

Try using vellum papers as cover pages for your scrapbook. And lastly, don’t forget to use stickers and colors for decorations.

What Size Pictures Are Best For Scrapbooking?

Well, that depends on your choice of scrapbook paper size.

Let’s assume you have chosen a cardstock paper that is 8 × 8 inches. So, your picture size should be 5 × 6 inches.

For regular usage, you can just cut the photo 3 × 2 inches from the exact paper size, and it will be eligible to attach on the papers. You also add half-inch square photos by overlapping when you add more than two pictures on a single page.

If you want to make a journal, you use the bigger sizes of those papers. That way, you will get extra space to attach your findings.

Final Words

Making a scrapbook is a fun and amazing project to do. It preserves every memory you cherish. Hopefully, our brief discussion has included everything you need to know about scrapbook paper.

So, preserve your priceless past and take motivation to create a golden future!

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