Eco-Solvent Printer Applications

Being a popular choice for high-quality printing, Eco-Solvent Printers are some of the most matured printing technologies available in the market today. This type of printer avoids the usage of harmful ingredients and uses biodegradable materials in the printing process.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Eco-Solvent Technology over others is that it can print on a wide variety of media- ranging from wood and plastics to wallpaper and wall stickers- without compromising on the quality of print. This post will address the different applications of Eco Solvent Printers to give you a good idea of where this printing technology performs best.

Eco-Solvent Printer Applications

Top 5 Applications of Eco Solvent Printers


One of the advantages of using Eco Solvent Printers is that solvent ink is odorless, unlike normal solvents, which have a harsh odor. This makes Eco Solvent Printers a top choice for being used in indoor applications and in places with poor ventilation, where strong smells can be of great inconvenience. In addition to being odorless, since these printers use biodegradable materials, small particles of ink solvents, if inhaled, can assimilate into the human body without causing the slightest of internal damages.

A high-resolution, indoor-safe print is exactly what a good Wallpaper demand, which is why Eco-Solvent Printers are often used to print wallpapers.

Store Advertising and Corridor (light-box) Advertising

Water-based gravure printing can fade significantly over time with long-term exposure to light (which is often the case in-store and light-box advertising). Hence, a type of ink that does not fade under long exposure to light is essential for use in Store Advertising. An Eco Print, for such applications, is a top contender since it offers a long-lasting, high-resolution print that does not tend to fade under the light.

Other similar uses of this printing technology are in Subway Station Advertising and Bus Station Advertising- which uses an outdoor photo-lamp display for better visibility at night.

Advertising Displays and Highway Billboards

Large outdoor advertising displays and highway billboards are often printed on canvas cloth. For a good quality print, use a high-resolution image (avoid images that may be pixilated) and suitable printing media. Without the right image and suitable printing technology, printing on such a large scale can result in a poor, pixilated print- which is NOT what you would want for an advertising campaign that glorifies your business.

Also, since placed outdoors, these billboards and advertising displays are often exposed to rain, so waterproofing is necessary for such applications.

Eco Solvent Printers are great, as they offer high-quality print that also happens to be waterproof- thus suitable for Advertising Displays and Highway Billboards.

Car Stickers and Outdoor Bus Advertising

The capability of Eco Solvent Printers to print high-resolution images at large scales also means that they are a good option for using car stickers and outdoor bus advertising stickers. In addition to excellent print quality, the non-volatile, biodegradable solvent used in this printing technology also ensures a long-lasting, non-fading service, so you don’t have to worry about changing your car stickers every few months.

A bright, clear picture is key to a good advertising campaign, and Eco Solvent Printers are a no-brainer for undertaking such a job.

Roll Up Banners

Roll-up banners used for indoor and outdoor advertisements often use Eco Solvent Printers to make prints. This printing technology offers excellent quality print on a wide range of materials, including textured banner materials- hence making the right choice for roll-up banners.


Though this printing technology may come at a greater cost than most other technologies available in the market today, Eco-Solvent Printers offer a risk-free, fool-proof print with the aid of its cutting-edge technology and the usage of biodegradable eco-solvent inks. As a result, Eco Solvent Printer is the way to go for those requiring a high-quality print for outdoor or indoor applications.

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