Double-Sided Printing For Windows Computers

Double-sided printing is pretty essential in our day-to-day life.It saves money and takes fewer pages to print your documents. If you are a windows user, you need to know double-sided printing for windows computers.

First, check if the double-sided printing or duplex printing from your computer is enabled or not. You can also check the printing properties from the floating window to select the “print both sides” option. Alternatively, you can print the even or odd pages at a time and repeat the process reversely.

All the pages will be printed in a sequence. The technique is pretty handy and more popular than single-page print.

How To Print Double-Sided Papers?

The method of printing both sides of the paper is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is follow two simple procedures: enable the duplex setting from your computer and check out the printing properties before commanding print.

Enable The Duplex Setting

First of all, go to the setting from your windows and locate the “printer and scanner” option. Now click on that, and you will have a “manage” option.

The new tab will show you printing properties. Then, you need to go to the settings tab and click on “installable options.” Two options will appear on the screen, and you have to select “duplex unit.”

After that, the device will ask if it is installed or not. So, select the installed option and click “apply or ok.”

Now, your printer is ready to print both sides of the pages.

Printing Properties

You can also set up the double-sided printing option directly from the printing properties when you command any document to print.

So, when you press “ctrl+p” or select print from files, you will see a credential window appearing on the screen. On that tab, every option related to printing that page can be modified.

You will have an option called “print pages” or “print one side.” So, click on that, and some other related options will appear. You have to select the “manually print both sides” option. And the printer is ready!

In some latest models, there’s another option after the selection of both sides print. You will see “flip on long edge” that indicates the desired page will flip at the long edge just like a book, and “flip on short edge” means the selected page will flip just like a notepad.

Alternate Way

However, there’s another way to print both sides of the pages. First, you have to choose “Odd pages only” or the “even pages only” option from the floating window of printing properties.

When odd pages have been printed out, you need to insert them again facing at the bottom. Then repeat the command to print the even pages this time. Follow the same process when selecting even pages for the first time.The printer will automatically detect your command and will print even or odd pages only.

Though this alternate process takes more time than other techniques, it works accurately.Just don’t get confused with odd or even numbers!

Bottom Line

If you have a printer and a pc, the printing job is pretty easy as long as you can modify the requirement from the setting like the double-sided printing.

Hopefully, our instructions will make your printing tasks easy. Just follow a few steps, and all the documents will beready in your hands in no time!

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