Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers

The A3 and A4 printers have the most versatility among the users. So, if you ought to buy one of them for office work or other purposes, you need to know the difference between A3 and A4 printers.

An A3 printer can print at most 11.69 × 16.53 inches of paper. But an A4 printer has a limit of 8.27 × 11.69 inches. This bigger size allows the A3 printer to have more versatility than the A4 printer. The bright side of an A4 printer is that it can fit any corner and is cheaper than its A3 counterparts.

Both of the printers will provide pretty much satisfactory service. Any one of them will be suitable according to your purpose. 

Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers

What Does A3 Printer Mean?

The A3 printer is a larger printing machine compared to others. It can handle 11.69 × 16.53 inches of paper as its limit. This paper size is almost as much as the ledger-sized papers with a size of 11 × 17 inches.

But the most significant advantage of the A3 printer is that it has more extensive versatility. It can print small A4, legal, and ledger-sized paper along with the A3 documents.

A3 printers can also print postcards and small papers like envelopes. So, basically, it can handle more work compared to other models. That’s why business owners prefer A3 printer models over A4.

What Is An A4 Printer?

The A4 printer can print 8.27 × 11.69 inches sized papers, which is very compact.

You can’t use this kind of printer to print legal or ledger-sized papers. But it is suitable to print small-sized documents like postal cards, envelopes, and others like them.

These printers are pretty popular in offices, schools, or homes. That’s because an A4 printer can print small letters which are used for official purposes.

So, whenever you want your college note or office files printed out, you can use the A4 printer. As it’s not big like the A3s, you can fit it in any corner of your room.

Difference Between A3 And A4 Printers

Some crucial factors can easily distinguish A3 and A4 printers. Here are a few pointers to get you up to speed about their differences.


The A3 printer has the upper hand in this category. You can use it in several sectors like printing legal, ledger, and even A4-sized papers.

But you can’t find an alternative to A3 printers when it comes to printing three-hole-punched booklets in your office. On the contrary, A4 printers can only print the A4 papers and other small-sized documents.

Though it has great significance in printing standard documents, the A4 printer has less versatile usage.

Machine Size

Well, the machine size matters because you won’t have such ample space in your office or in your reading room to fit a giant printer.

As the A3 printer has a greater capacity for printing larger sizes of papers, it is pretty massive compared to its A4 counterpart. So, you need to manage a bit of extra space to fit the printer in any room.

On the contrary, the A4 printer is your small friend. So, it can fit anywhere in the room, even in the corners. If you have an area shortage, you can get the A4 printer. Otherwise, it’s OK to get the A3 printer.

Ability To Print Per Unit Time

You also need to consider the power of those printers if you are thinking of getting one. The ability of the printer is considered by counting papers per minute or PPM for short.

The A3 printer can handle greater varieties and can print more oversized documents. So, its printing speed is way better compared to the A4 printer. That means the A3 printer has a higher PPM.


You may already have the idea of which one is more budget-friendly, that is the A4 printer. The A3 printer is larger and has higher versatility. So it will cost you more than the A4.

Another fact is that it can print larger sizes of paper which requires more ink than usual. So, you will also have a bit of extra ink cost for A3 printers.

As the A4 printer prints in small dimensions and letters, you won’t have to spend much behind the ink. So, your tight budget will refer to the A4 printer.


The number of users also makes a difference. That’s because if you have a large number of users, the A4 printer can’t keep up with their usage.

If your whole department or the whole team is going to use the printer, it will be best if you get an A3. Otherwise, the A4 is enough for home usage, individual or small groups.

How To Determine What Size Printer You Need          

If you are confused about choosing the right printer size, you need to ask a few questions yourself. If you find the answers, you will figure out what size of printer you need.

What’s The Purpose Of This Printer?

First of all, what will your printer do? Will it print the letters and memos regularly in your office, or will it be used for extensive presentations?

If your printer has a regular job, you can get an A4. Otherwise, the A3 is suited for extensive jobs. If any printing job needs beyond A4 or standard level, you can get an A3 printer.

How Much Space Does The New Printer Need?

Well, ample space is necessary to install a printer. If you are getting it for your office, you should know that every inch is a crucial fact there. And the printer size may become the deciding factor for you and your business.

So, ensure every possible space that can fit the new printer.

What Will Be The User Number?

You should know how many people will use the new printer. Will it be limited to you or your team or for the whole office?

If the printer is used for larger projects or the whole department, the A3 will be the best choice. Because it has a higher PPM, the work won’t be slowed down.

What’s The Budget For The Printer?

And here comes the most significant concern – your budget!

If you are on a tight budget, you can get the A4 printer. But remember, you will need more ink refills, and the printer may need to be replaced sooner than expected. On the other hand, an A3 printer has greater longevity and ink cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do A3 printers also print A4?

Yes, the A3 printer can also print A4 papers. But it totally depends on the manufacturer and model. Some of them don’t provide the function to print A4 documents. But in other A3 printers, you need to adjust the size and convert it to A4 size to print.

Which Is Better, A4 Or A3 Paper?

Without any doubt, the A3 paper is better. That’s because it can fit large contents pretty easily. However, when it comes to standard document printing, the A4 printer should be your first choice. 

Is It Worth Getting An A3 Printer?

Obviously, it is worth getting an A3 printer. That’s because it can easily handle A3, A4, ledger, legal-size papers to print. However, it will cost you more compared to the A4. But if you are in a large business where massive print volume is needed, the A3 printer is the most appropriate choice.


Printers are necessary to convert text and images into reality. So, if you are going to buy one, you need to know all the crucial points in detail.

We have tried to distinguish the difference between A3 and A4 printers so that you can get one for yourself without having any dilemma. Hopefully, the discussion was satisfactory enough for you. Spend your money on those printers wisely!

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