Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printers

A printer isn’t a hobby thing to keep at your home or office. You buy and use it as a necessary item. This device is essential to print out your important documents or images. So, you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of printers before buying one.

The major advantages of having a printer are ease of reading, convenience at work, increased potential for work. Some disadvantages are there, like you have to spend on maintenance and running the printer along with purchase costs.

With inkjet printers, the initial cost is very low. They are small in size and work pretty quietly. But the inkjet printers are a bit slow, and you may have to face some durability problems. So, make sure you know every strength and weakness of the desired printer you want to buy.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printers

Advantages Of Using Printers

There are many benefits of having a printer over at work or home. And these beneficial points are the main reason for buying a printer.

Secure Delivery

Printers are a secure option to send valuable documents to others. For example, if you send a document or file through mail or other media platforms, they keep a record of your file.

But if you print out the same document, it won’t have any kind of information about its owner or editor. So, you can easily send documents to others without the risk of intercepting or keeping records.

Provide Ease Of Reading

It’s mainly the most obvious reason for getting a printer. Reading reports or documents on a computer screen is tiresome and harmful to the eyes. You can’t even mark or highlight several important parts of your papers.

If you print those documents, you can easily handle your work without any strain and easily read those papers as they are physically present with sharp texts.

Usage Convenience

Usage of printers is becoming more convenient day by day. You don’t have to take trips to nearby printing stores for printing your project documents anymore. Printers can easily handle even commercial usage in your office. So, such days of hassles have gone by.

Modern printers can modify the text and image within your desirable designs. You can also print scrapbooks for children, journals, and conduct several other creative tasks.

Flexibility And Productivity

You will have much flexibility at work if you have a printer next to you. And the productivity of your work will be at the peak point. You can print out any necessary document whenever you want.

With less effort and time, you can manage more work than before and show significant progress at work.

Additional Features

The modern printers offer you several additional features than previous generations. They have a new colorful feature so that you can print several charts, graphs, and images with outstanding resolutions.

Another new feature is borderless printing. Now you have no boundaries in your printing journeys. Your creativity in t-shirt designs, placards, brochures, and other designing fields won’t have any limits!

Disadvantages Of Printers

No machine can provide flawless performance to you. Even the printers have several disadvantages that will make you think twice before getting one.

Price Tag

Printers with such outstanding features won’t come with you without a big bite from your wallet. So, you have to look for those printers that have price tags within your range.

You have to compromise some features because of cost-cutting. But all the necessary functions will be in your printer. So, all you have to do is do some research.

Maintenance And Operating Cost

Well, the cost doesn’t stop on your purchase. You need to spend more to bring out the maximum ability of your printer.

Ink cartridges are pretty expensive. But you need to refill the ink whenever it’s empty. And also, note that all the parts of the printers are vulnerable. If any parts are proved faulty or unable to be repaired, you need to replace the part immediately.

So, it’s better if you run the printer on low ink to save operating costs. And with this function, the machine can perform a long time without any maintenance.


When the usage time increases gradually, you will notice several functional problems with the printer. Even the wastages and residues will be a problem for you.

Many parts get weakened and slow down the printing speed. This kind of problem especially appears on the cheaper models. It will have a significant role in increasing your electricity bills at month-end.

Environmental Concern

You should know that the toner and the ink contain several toxic chemicals. So, whenever the printer works, these chemicals get exposed to the environment. That can lead to quite a negative effect on the environment.

Advantage Of Inkjet Printers

In this modern era, inkjet printers are dominant in the market because of their versatility and unique features. So, here are some of the advantages of an inkjet printer:

Low Initial Cost

The inkjet printers are famous for their price tag because they are affordable to the customers. You will get a multi-functional inkjet printer that will offer scans, fax, and photocopy opportunities within this price range.

Quick Startup

You can start the printer within a minute and start your printing work. If we put it simply, it will save you every second and make it beneficial to you.

The startup time of an inkjet printer is pretty close to a laser printer. So, you can imagine how fast your printer will be!

High-Quality Printing

When it comes to printing quality, you can blindly trust an inkjet printer. It can provide high printing resolution with the better color quality compared to other printers.

Easily Portable

The lightweight inkjet printer is easily portable to any place within the room or from one room to another. So, you don’t have to worry about space constraints.

Small Dimensions

An inkjet printer is a very compact machine. It can easily fit within small spaces. So, you don’t have to be concerned about having small workplaces at your home or office.

Less Noisy

The quiet operation process is the most significant advantage of an inkjet printer. It can print hundreds of pages without making too much noise. This makes it ideal for an office environment or the library.

Disadvantage Of Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers are creating quite the buzz in the printing industry. But that doesn’t mean it’s pitch-perfect. You will face these disadvantages while using an inkjet printer:

Maintenance Is An Issue

The parts of an inkjet printer can easily be damaged through usage. Some clogs can damage the print head, and you may end up having to replace it.

Low Printing Speed

Though it has the fastest startup time, it can’t provide a higher printing speed. Due to its small size, it is mainly a low-powered machine.

Less Durable

For a compact machine like the inkjet, printer durability is a matter of concern. So, you have to operate it very carefully.

Cartridge Expenses Can Be Higher

The cartridge cost is considered one of the major disadvantages of an inkjet printer. That’s because the ink doesn’t come at a low price.

Troublesome Bleeding Effect

An inkjet printer usually uses aqueous ink, which tends to bleed now and then. It will ruin your documents and designed papers.

Cleaning Smudges

The ink will get smudged if you accidentally drop a small drop of water. The print quality on paper isn’t very durable with inkjet printers.


Printers serve a significant role in our daily life both at home and office. We tried to mention every aspect of the advantages and disadvantages of printers for you.

So, if you buy a printer, make sure it has minimum disadvantages and that the advantages are mostly in your favor. All the best with printer shopping!

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