About Us

With technology and electronic devices upgrading every single minute, it’s impossible to keep track of everything that’s going on around us. Every new product comes with a small tweak to enhance the convenience in the office work environment.

But, how would you know about the ones that would actually be useful to you? Technological items such as printers, scanners, and copiers that are of the highest importance in all kinds of offices and if you’re looking to stay updated about all sorts of similar stuff, you’ve come to the right place tallspire.com!

Our Aim

What should you look for when you’re thinking about purchasing a new printer for printing text documents in your office? Which brand should you focus on when choosing a scanner? Does a certain device actually live up to the manufacturers’ claims?

It isn’t easy at all to give a proper answer to these questions without spending enough time researching and learning about these fields! That’s exactly what we are here for!

We aim to help you answer all the above questions as well as make it easy for you to find a certain device, which will not only fulfill your needs, but make your lives more convenient.

Our Method

For each and every need that you have, like a printer for printing business flyers, or a copier machine with smart features, you’ll probably get thousands of options if you hop on to Google.

However, not all of these options will actually serve your purpose, since some are boosted to be on the top, while others are just paid reviews.

We strive to provide the most authentic options for you that will satisfy your requirements perfectly. We go through each and every product thoroughly, scrutinizing all the features that might be useful to you.

The team of tallspire.com doesn’t just separate the products based on the differences in specs.

Rather, we make the extra effort to make test runs and try the printers out. Moreover, we take expert opinions and reviews, enrich our impression of the product with the help of thousands of credible user reviews and forums. 

To us, all brands are equal and none of them get any sort of benefit over the other.

For example, Canon and Epson are the frontrunners when it comes to printers, but for a specific purpose, we may favor a Samsung or Konica printer if its performance is better than similar Canon and Epson printers.

It’s all about the performance for us!

Our Editors

Carrying out an extensive research and ensuring that the products live up to their expectations can take quite a bit of time.

It must be very difficult for you to make some time for these activities, with long office-hours and especially if you’re not working in this field. That is where our expert editors come in!

We have highly-knowledgeable editors and researchers who have a knack for all sorts of new technologies along with the devices they’re being implemented in for offices.

They have a vast experience in authentic research and are skilled in differentiating between products, based on certain requirements.

The editors work together in choosing the most perfect products, for example, the best paper for printing official text documents. They double-check and even triple-check the options to make sure they will work immaculately for long periods of time.

Why Trust Us?

You have access to a horde of options for all kinds of things on the Internet. When it comes to office equipment and electronics, you won’t be short of webpages to surf.

However, we are different from most other websites based on the fact that we are completely unbiased on our reviews and remarks on a certain product.

Our reviews and information are reviewed constantly and kept relevant and up-to-date. Aforementioned, we don’t just give a well-known brand the upper hand; we inspect every little detail of a similar item for all kinds of brands and then pass our verdict.

Our researchers spend a huge amount of time in finding the most perfect products for specific purposes, as they should. But, in most other websites, you’ll be finding boosted or paid reviews and information with weak credibility.

We are driven by our moral compass to deliver the most genuine information and help you and everyone else in our community to live the best kind of lives.

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