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We were a small, private preschool nestled in the town center of Wakefield, MA. We had been teaching children for over 30 years and truly did love our craft.

But, unfortunately, we had to take an unpleasant decision of Tall Spire’s closure. Due to the numerous challenges that Covid-19 has presented for our program, we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to close our school. We are thankful to all our families, past and present, for allowing us to be a small part of your children’s early childhood experiences. It has been an honor and a privilege.


We have come up to serve you in a different way to stand beside you and your kids.

We intend to share our well-researched knowledge related to stationeries, the school office, and all the times your kids love to seen in their school bag.

With technology and electronic devices upgrading every minute, it’s impossible to keep track of everything going on around us. Every new product comes with a small tweak to enhance the convenience in the office work environment.

But, how would you know about the ones that would actually be useful to you? Items such as printers, scanners, copiers, pens, markers, scratch books, and paper are of the highest importance in all kinds of offices, and if you’re looking to stay updated about all sorts of similar stuff- You can rely on tallspire.com.

It isn’t easy at all to give a proper guideline about different kinds of products, their use, and relevant information without spending enough time researching and learning about these fields! But that’s exactly what we are here for!

We aim to help you answer all the questions and make it easy for you to find a certain device, which will fulfill your needs and make your lives more convenient.

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Where Were We in 2010?

Philosophy Of Schooling

Tall Spire Nursery School was convinced that what they would do with children before they begin their formal education wouldl be crucial to the rest of their lives. Therefore, they offered them a child-centered environment with a low teacher-to-child ratio with a sense of wonder, humor, and compassion. Within the learning center approach, children in mixed-age groupings made choices to practice and master new intellectual, social, and physical skills. Uppermost was their desire to help each child acquire an enthusiastic, positive, and confident attitude toward self, life, and learning.

Tall Spire Nursery School was a private educational organization which did not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political belief, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or toilet training status. Toilet training was not an eligibility requirement for enrollment. They provided service to children between the ages of three (3.0) years and five (5.0) years and their families. The child must be three years old by August 31st. Their educational curriculum was based on the tenets of early childhood development and was not a religious education program.

Tall Spire’s Center-Based Approach

Each day, Tall Spire held “Center Time,” which was an exploration time where children had the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities in their chosen “Center.” Activities within the five “Centers” reflect the developmental skills essential for a well-rounded preschool experience.


Exploration with a variety of age-appropriate materials and media to create two and three-dimensional artwork. Explore and experiment with wet and dry media in a variety of colors. Explore the use of texture, use basic shapes and forms of different sizes to create artwork. Create artwork from memory or imagination. All of the focus will be on the process, not the product.

Music and Movement

Sing songs with rhythmic patterns and repetitive phrases-explore activities related to balance, strength, flexibility, and dance. Instrument exploration; learning beats, tempo, and sounds. Discovering movement and space through parachute play.

Lab ( Science )

Learning skills and processes of inquiry and exploration through investigation of all the sciences; Earth/Space, Physical, and Life Sciences. These explorations may include: the study of the environment, our senses, shadows, weather, simple tools, investigating plants, insects, and animal habitats. In addition, a variety of water table activities will be offered to discover sink/float and measurement.

Game Room ( Math and Computer )

Activities/learning games focusing on pre- math skills; numbers, patterns, shapes, classifying, and sorting. Computer exploration; problem-solving, taking turns, directional/positional words, communication, and language skills.

Dramatic Play

Imaginative play with props, costumes, blocks, toys, etc. to act out, pretend and reenact familiar stories and real life situations. Create scenarios, props, and settings for dramatizations and dramatic play. Listen to stories, talk about characters and use puppets to retell stories.

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